A major controversy has erupted within the All People’s Congress (APC) after its National Secretary General, Lansana Dumbuya Esq., declared that former Vice President Samuel Sam-Sumana is disqualified from running as the party’s flagbearer in the 2028 national elections.

This decision has sparked significant dissatisfaction among the people of Kono District, Sumana’s home region, and raised concerns about the party’s internal cohesion and fairness.

Kono residents accuse APC leaders of intentionally sabotaging Sumana’s political ambitions to favor candidates from the Southern and Eastern regions, thereby marginalizing Kono. Many have expressed their displeasure and warned that without reversing Sumana’s disqualification, their support for the APC in the upcoming elections could be withdrawn.

Within the APC, some members of the National Advisory Committee (NAC) have opposed the decision, calling for a fair and inclusive selection process. Despite this, the party leadership stands firm on the disqualification, which will remain unless overturned by 2033.

This controversy threatens to undermine the APC’s efforts to present a united front ahead of the elections. The response from Kono District could significantly influence the political landscape and the APC’s chances in the 2028 elections.