In a significant display of reconciliation, former All People’s Congress (APC) Minister Finda Diana Konomanyi announced that she and her brother, Chief Alhaji Samuel Samsumana, have settled their differences, emphasizing a renewed commitment to unity and peace in Kono District.

Speaking at a ceremony held at her residence in Koidu City, where she donated food and prayer items to the Council of Imams, Konomanyi declared: “My brother Chief Alhaji Samuel Samsumana and I have settled our differences, and we are presently enjoying a healthy family relationship.” She highlighted the importance of unity in diversity, stressing that despite differing political ideologies, they have closed ranks for the sake of peace and development.

Konomanyi expressed regret for the past political divisions they contributed to, acknowledging that some politicians had taken advantage of these divisions. She extended apologies on behalf of herself and her brother for the frustrations caused among their brothers and sisters. However, she asserted that they, along with the APC, are now stronger and more united than ever before.

The former government minister revealed plans for her and her brother to publicly display the peace they are presently experiencing in Kono District. She emphasized that their reconciliation was rooted in the understanding that Kono District is bigger than any individual, stating, “Kono District is far bigger than the both of us.”

Addressing political dynamics in the region, Konomanyi asserted that Kono District remains open to all political parties but warned against any attempt to sow division among the people for political gain. She urged for the preservation of the current peace enjoyed in the district, noting that internal conflicts within the APC have been more prevalent than conflicts with the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

In conclusion, Konomanyi emphasized the need for unity and cooperation among all political actors, emphasizing that divisive politics have no place in Kono District. She called for a collective effort to uphold peace and development for the benefit of all residents.