The presidential candidate of the main opposition party, the All Peoples Congress (APC), Samura Kamara has asserted that the litigation against him in court is politically motivated.

Despite this, he remains confident in his clean track record of over 40 years in public life, which he believes demonstrates his strong moral character.

In an interview with the BBC, Kamara expressed his desire for progress in Sierra Leone and emphasized that his commitment to making necessary changes in the country has not wavered.

He also discussed potential solutions to address the various issues plaguing Sierra Leone while lecturing at Chatham House in relation to the 2023 elections.

Kamara highlighted the importance of democracy in Sierra Leone and outlined key policies that could lead to sustainable development.

As the country approaches the polls on June 24th, Kamara believes that the people are determined to bring about positive change that reflects their wishes and aspirations.

Kamara also spoke about the fight against corruption, stating that it should not be limited to asset declaration and should be free from political influence or dramatization.

He said he believes in the need for strong political will to tackle corruption, and confirmed a planned meeting with President Julius Maada Bio initiated by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Overall, Kamara presented himself as an experienced and confident alternative to the current regime, with practical solutions to promote a more inclusive and pluralistic society in Sierra Leone.