Micheal Berewa, also known as Myk Berewa, who serves as an aide and Director of Communications at the Office of the President, has declared victory for the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) in the recent presidential elections held on Saturday.

According to Berewa, there would be no need for a run-off in the elections, as President Bio is currently leading by a significant margin.

In a social media post, he mentioned that the results are still being collected from 3,630 centers, encompassing 11,832 polling stations across the country. The Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL) is utilizing a mobile application to transmit polling data, aiming to expedite the result processing in accordance with Section 7(2) of the PEA 2022.

He wrote; “Results are still coming in from 3,630 centers with 11, 832 polling stations across the country this morning.The ECSL is using mobile application to transmit polling data in other to expedite the processing of results as quickly as possible; which is absolutely in line with Section7(2) of the PEA 2022.

“With about 68% of the exit polls presently in our Directorate data base, President Bio is comfortably leading with a double digit margin which signifies a NO RUN OFF. Other polling centers are still yet close to call… FIVE MORE YEARS 🌴”