Hon. Mohamed Bangura, a prominent figure within Sierra Leone’s opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party, voiced deep concerns about the dilapidated state of the party’s Head office in Freetown.

He drew attention to the stark contrast between the party’s premises during the 10-year rule of the APC government and the six-year reign of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

Bangura pointed out the lack of progress or development in the APC offices despite the decade-long governance, contrasting it with the notable improvements seen in the SLPP Head office within a shorter timeframe. He squarely attributed the deteriorating conditions of the APC party Head office to a lack of investment in maintenance by the party.

Furthermore, he highlighted the financial struggles faced by the APC, stating that the party is in a state of financial crisis. Bangura claimed that the APC lacked the necessary funds to support party activities in the lead-up to the last election, underscoring the financial challenges faced by the party.

The observations made by Bangura shed light on the critical need for investment and financial stability within the APC to address the substandard conditions of its offices and rejuvenate the party’s operations.