Mohamed Bangura, a prominent politician within the All People’s Congress (APC) party and Member of Parliament-elect, has officially declared his intention to run for the presidency of Sierra Leone in the upcoming 2028 elections.

He made this announcement during a televised program, “AVY on Sunday,” where he expressed his determination to succeed President Bio.

Bangura confirmed that he plans to contest the presidential race under the ticket of the APC, the main opposition party in Sierra Leone.

When questioned about his alleged suspension from the APC, he stated that he had not been contacted by the party leadership regarding the suspension, implying that he did not consider it valid or legally binding.

Acknowledging the existence of the suspension notice from the party, Bangura downplayed its significance, suggesting it might be a tactic by the APC to dissuade other APC MPs-elect from attending parliament. He also assured that this suspension would not hinder his appointment as a member of the ECOWAS parliament, as he had already taken the oath.

Furthermore, Bangura indicated his willingness to cooperate with the APC if a new committee was formed to conduct a disciplinary hearing for him and other MPs who defied the party’s directives to attend parliament. He cited concerns about the impartiality of the previous committee, suggesting prejudice in their handling of the case.

Bangura emphasized his commitment to the APC, stating that neither he nor his ancestors would be driven away from a party they had contributed to significantly. When asked if he would consider joining the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) if the APC were to expel him, he responded that politicians are not inclined to say no and that adaptability is essential for political success.

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