The All People’s Congress (APC) Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Mohamed Bangura clarified his representation in Parliament in a television interview.

The Karene MP said there are no consequences because what he did was legal and he knows that he is within the framework of the mandate of the people.

So there are no consequences because if there were it would come from the Secretary-General (of the APC), in a broader base there are no consequences,” he claimed.

Bangura furthered continued by addressing questions surrounding the legality of his representation. 

I am talking about the 1991 Constitution, which is supreme than the APC and the SLPP. So I don’t worry about the APC Constitution or the SLPP Constitution I worry about the 1991 Constitution,” he said.

Bangura is only one of two APC MPs who defied their party to serve in governance after calls from their leadership to boycott the system over election result disputes.

The MP received several backlash from supporters of the party tagging him as a betrayer but he said he is serving in the interest of his people.

Meanwhile, Bangura, being the only opposition MP in the well of Parliament when it reopened, was made the minority leader of House.