Former CDP 2018 flagbearer Hon Musa Tarawally, through his Agenda 2028 Team, actively supports President Bio’s vision and top 5 agenda.

On February 7th, 2024, a crucial gathering took place in Bo City, bringing together a range of stakeholders, such as party elders, regional and district executives, and representatives from all 70 zones. This meeting aimed to revitalize hope within SLPP grassroots, reinvigorating their dedication to the president’s development agenda.

The objective of Agenda Musa Tarawally 2028 is clear: to galvanize support behind President Bio’s administration, fortify the ruling SLPP, and steer Sierra Leone towards a prosperous and harmonious future.

The approach involves amplifying messages of hope, opportunity, and party unity across all 70 zones within the city through engaging activities, fostering grassroots camaraderie and spreading empowerment opportunities.

Widespread support was garnered from diverse stakeholders, including party elders, regional and district executives, and party representatives from all 70 zones.

Speakers emphasized the importance of supporting President Bio’s vision, praising Hon Musa Tarawally for his initiative and highlighting his love for the common man and significant contribution to SLPP
Hon Tarawally’s agenda extends beyond political maneuvering; it is a rallying cry for collective action and grassroots engagement.

By harnessing the support of diverse demographics, including old age groups and community organizations, the aim is to create a formidable national grassroots alliance in support of President Bio, strengthening the SLPP and fostering national unity.

At its core, Hon Musa Tarawally’s agenda is rooted in progress, unity, and stability. Aligned with President Bio’s vision and promoting peace across party lines, Tarawally seeks to lay the groundwork for a prosperous future for Sierra Leone, maintaining the SLPP’s grip on power and transforming towards a brighter tomorrow.

As momentum builds and grassroots working groups spring into action, a progressive pathway emerges through collaboration, commitment, and unwavering dedication. Hon Musa Tarawally’s vision for Sierra Leone and the SLPP is on track to becoming a reality—a vision of hope, progress, and unity, holding the promise of a better tomorrow for all