In a significant turn of events, the National Reform Movement(NRM), a surrogate group of the All People’s Congress (APC) has officially declared its dissent from the party’s decision to boycott government activities.

The NRM, known for its progressive stance and commitment to reform, firmly criticized the lack of foresight and leadership displayed by the party chairman and other members of the National Advisory Committee (NAC).

As tensions rise within the APC, the United States Ambassador to Sierra Leone has urged the party not to boycott the government. Aligning with this sentiment, the NRM emphasizes its dedication to serving the people and advancing their interests. The movement calls upon all elected members of parliament to fulfill their responsibilities by attending parliamentary sessions and upholding their oath of office. It highlights the crucial importance of prioritizing the needs of the constituents who entrusted them with their votes and actively participating in the legislative process. The NRM also extends this message to all mayors and councilors, urging them to remain steadfast in their service to the people.

While the APC experiences internal divisions, the NRM appeals to party members and the general public to remain calm and confident. It assures them that the movement remains resolute in its dedication to the welfare of party members. The NRM firmly believes that engaging with the government is the key to effecting positive change, highlighting the significance of dialogue and collaboration over boycotts and disengagement.

The NRM further encourages party members to actively participate in scheduled meetings, which provide platforms for strategic planning and charting the way forward. These gatherings serve as opportunities for members to unite, deliberate, and shape the future direction of the APC.

The National Reform Movement (NRM) is a progressive faction within the All People’s Congress (APC) that is dedicated to fostering reform, inclusivity, and transparency within the party. Its core mission is to strengthen democratic values, enhance good governance, and promote the overall well-being of the Sierra Leonean people.