In the aftermath of the swearing-in ceremony on November 7, 2023, Hon. Ibrahim Barrie, a prominent member of the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) in Parliament, took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the event.

In a tweet posted shortly after the brief inauguration ceremony held in Parliament, Hon. Barrie stated, “Proud to be among the 52 APC MPs who stood unwavering in the face of election irregularities. Our commitment to our people, our party, and our beloved country is resolute. Together, we’ll continue to strive for justice, democracy, and a brighter future for Sierra Leone.”

The post garnered significant attention, with netizens expressing a spectrum of opinions in the comment section. One user, Azeez, countered Hon. Barrie’s statement, alleging, “You stood for your own selfish interests, not for election irregularities.”

@PRC, another Twitter user, applauded the opposition MPs but questioned the impact of their actions, stating, “Bravo! I don’t know what you stood against. As we don’t see the irregularities resolved. We just see a strong statement from the APC that we never really mattered. JUST A MEANS TO AN END!! Ya’ll only represent yourselves period!!”

Expressing concern for the nation, AbdulKarim Bah commented, “Sierra Leone is losing, but you and your party are winning.”

@Alie Santigie Kamara took a critical stance, asserting, “You guys have not only failed your party supporters but also, you’ve failed this nation.”

In a more impassioned comment, @Mohamed Lamin Conteg questioned, “Who na dam to useless why who na show up,” expressing frustration with the perceived shortcomings of the opposition’s actions.