The National Grand Coalition (NGC) Party has received an invitation to attend the Democratic Union of Africa (DUA) Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Forum will last for four days starting on the 26th April and ending on the 30th April this year.

The Forum is believed to focus on economic growth and development; political and social stability and building of resilient state structures.

The Union said its theme for this year would be “Discovering New Dimension of Cooperation: A Collective Responsibility Towards Development“.

The DUA is said to be an affiliate body of the International Democratic Union (IDU) which boasts of over 80 Member Parties from 60 countries.

Reacting to the invite, the NGC Party said that they will be represented by their acting Chairman and Leader, Jesmed F. Suma who they said was focal to the invite.

The NGC party has been consistent in advocating economic e freedom and human rights issues,” Suma told NGC Media.

He added that the party has made gains both locally and internationally since he took over the party.

Meanwhile, the NGC party over the weekend official signed their alliance document with the incumbent Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) ahead of the country’s multi-tier election this year.

The party saw several resignation from members at the higher echelons after a section of its leadership intimated the alliance earlier In February this year.

The estranged members said that the party has lost its trajectory and that proponents of the alliance are seeking their personal gains rather than the party or nation.