Mrs. Adama Turay, the Regional Women’s Leader of the NGC (National Grand Coalition) party, has submitted an official letter of resignation to the National Secretary General of the party.

In her letter, Mrs. Turay expresses her heartfelt decision to formally resign from the National Grand Coalition party. As a long-standing member and the Regional Women’s Leader for the North-East Region over the past five years, she considers it a privilege to have served the party.

However, Mrs. Turay states that recent developments within the party’s structure have left her with no alternative but to step down from her position and depart from the party. Although she has been dedicated to the party’s vision and has worked tirelessly to uphold its values and constitution, she no longer feels able to represent and advocate for the interests of the NGC party as she once did. Therefore, she believes it is necessary to explore a new political pathway in order to sustain her political career.

Mrs. Turay takes the opportunity to express her gratitude to the National Secretary General and the entire party leadership for providing her with a platform, support, and guidance during her tenure. Serving alongside committed and passionate individuals who shared a common vision for a third force in politics has been an honor for her.

She assures the party leadership that she will always cherish and maintain the relationships she has built within the party, some of which have become like family to her.

She also expresses gratitude for the valuable experiences she has gained as a member of the NGC. Mrs. Turay concludes by thanking them for their understanding and extends her blessings to all.

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