The Presidential Candidate for the Peace and Liberation Party (PLP) together with his running mate, Saidu A.K. Mannah have both went through successful nomination at the ECSL Headquarter on Tower Hill in Freetown.

Speaking during his nomination, Kamara said that his party is focused on development and maintenance of peace in the nation.

“We will always try as best as we can to maintain the peace of this nation and we call on our supporters to always remain calm, peaceful and law abiding,” Kamara said.

He added that his party is committed to peace and national cohesion.

The PLP’s nomination on Thursday is the fourth party to have successfully gone through the process after the incumbent SLPP, APC and UDM.

The ECSL said that the process is part of the fulfilment to be met by all political parties cleared to contest the June 2023 elections by the Political Parties Regulation Commission (PPRC).

In another news, the PPRC has barred the Unity Party, Coalition for Change (C4C) and National Democratic Party (NDP) from contesting in the June polls.

The Commission said that the three parties failed to meet the minimum benchmark set.

They said that political parties must ensure that they conduct intra-party elections, revise party constitution, establish regional party offices among other benchmarks.

The leader for the Unity Party, Femi Claudius-Cole accused the PPRC of deliberately targeting her party.

The June 2023 polls will allow more than 10 parties to contest.