The Sierra Leone Police has issued a statement addressing reports of violence at the quarterly meeting of the National Grand Coalition’s (NGC) National Executive Committee (NEC).

In its statement, Police said it received a request from the National Secretary General of the National Grand Coalition (NGC) alluding to holding their quarterly National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting on Friday 8th March 2024, at their Party Headquarters 14 Naimbana Street, Freetown, at 10am prompt.

The content of the letter clearly states that ‘the Party plans to decide on very crucial issue that may lead to divided opinions and tension among the Party members’. Further to that, the letter states that they had received information that ‘certain Party members and persons are planning to disrupt the meeting by using violence’ and therefore requested the assistance of the Police.

In reply thereto, the SLP acknowledged receipt of their letter and conveyed approval of their request for security coverage for their proposed quarterly National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting.

As planned, the meeting convened at the aforesaid venue and time, whilst the SLP maintained their presence. As the meeting progressed, physical and verbal confrontations ensued which turned out to be disorderly and riotous. The Police then had to intervene and peacefully dispersed the opposing parties.

No arrests were made.