Political Thinker Blasts Justice Fisher Following Ruling to Dissolve APC Executive

The All People’s Congress (APC) social media activist, known as Political Thinker has blasted High Court Judge Adrian Fisher following yesterday’s ruling in which he dissolved the APC executive by replacing it with a 21-Man Interim Committee as effective.

As a result, many APC supporters are feeling annoyed, undermined, and overtly disappointed in Adrian Fisher’s ruling.

Here is the APC social media activist called Political Thinker reporting the outcome of Judge Fisher’s ruling yesterday.

Political Thinker narrated in his latest audio:

“Greetings to all Comrades of the APC. I am the Political Thinker, head of the JUDK Media Communications Unit. My people, as of today the 28th of April 2022, I will give out the court update about the ruling judgment that Justice Adrian Fisher gave out for the matter between Alfred Peter Conteh and the APC. According to Justice Fisher, he said Alfred Peter Conteh took the APC to court to complain that the current national executives of the APC are illegitimate and illegal. He said that was why Peter Conteh went to court. But Judge Fisher’s ruling, Justice Fisher said he made sure that he read all the proceedings that took place for this matter.

“After reading everything, he came to his ruling. According to the ruling, he said the current national executives are illegal because the APC 1995 Constitution Article 6 says all the national executive positions should come about through elections including the five regional chairpersons, 16 district chairpersons, and the 132 constituency chairpersons. He said all these chairpersons should have elections conducted for them, according to the APC 1995 Constitution. Judge Fisher said all these people were not elected but they were selected. That is why he said they are all illegitimate. Article 6, 13, and 14 of the APC 1995 defunct Constitution talked about elections for the positions on these particular posts. With that, Judge Fisher granted an injunction to all the national officials by stopping them from performing their party duties again because of their illegitimacy. Also, Justice Fisher said they should make an interim executive take up the APC Secretariat until the party gets a new executive.

“And this interim executive body will consist of a 21-Man Committee. Inside the 21-Man Committee, Alfred Peter Conteh will get 9 members, and Peter Conteh inside the 9 members, would be the chairman of the 21-Man Committee. The leader of parliament of the APC should consult and produce two members of the parliament from each region. Now we have five regions. It means it will produce 10 members. But the APC defence lawyers said, now the southern region and the eastern region have only one member of parliament each in these two regions. Judge Fisher then said, the leader of the APC in parliament should continue with the two members in the two regions. And also ruled that one member of the National Young Congress should be on the 21-Man Committee. One member from the Diaspora should join the 21-Man Committee. One member from the Women’s Congress should be part of the 21-Man Committee.

“One APC lawyer should be among the 21-Man Committee and this particular lawyer should have 20 years of experience as a lawyer. He also ruled that the National Advisory Committee NAC is illegitimate and he has dissolved it today. Fisher also said the National Secretary-General and his Deputy should not work again with immediate effect. He said the 21-Man Committee will take up the Secretariat in 14 days. The 21-Man Committee will make the rules and regulations and gazette for primary elections and national elections for delegate conference on to the flag-bearer elections within not less than the 27th May 2022. He said the 21-Man Committee will make regulations for how the party should go about the lower level elections and up to national executive elections i.e. National Delegate Conference. He said Political Parties Registration Commission PPRC will supervise the APC during these elections.

“Fisher added that the IGCT will conduct lower-level elections within 60 days after taking up office. He said the IGCT is responsible for dealing with membership issues at the National Delegates Conference. Fisher said on the 13th of May 2022, Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh, the National Secretary-General for the APC should hand over the Secretariat to the chairman of the IGCT. My people, Fisher also ruled that the body responsible for conducting the elections for the lower level to flag-bearer should be the New Interim Executive according to the new APC Constitution should supervise them. He said any decision this particular committee wants to take should consult the IGCT Committee. Fisher said the 21-Man Committee will conduct all these elections but when you calculate the people who he said should be included in the 21-Man Interim Executive, they are more than 21 people.

“My people, this is how Judge Fisher is misleading this nation. Only Fisher knows what Alhaji Yansaneh has done to him. Or only Fisher knows what the APC has done to him. After that, the APC lawyers told Fisher how he has dissolved the executives from today and that they should not do anything in their offices. Lawyer Africanus Sorie Sesay outlined all the Bye-elections for the APC on June 25, 2022, and then asked Fisher who would coordinate these if the APC scribe Yansaneh has been removed, what will the party do in this case? And also the party will be making press releases, who will write them? Who will sign these press releases? Fisher said the party will continue to make press releases and said Alhaji Foday Yansaneh would continue to sign them but he should do it as the Outgoing National Secretary-General of the APC party.

“Fisher said from now on anything the APC party would be doing, they should work with the 21-Man Committee. Lawyer Jengo, the lawyer representing the complainant Alfred Peter Conteh, said they should pay him 35,000 US dollars equivalent to 455,000,000 Leones. He added that Alfred Peter Conteh spent 1.3 billion Leones for all his travels from America to Sierra Leone for this particular matter. So Fisher has lifted the injunction that he gave on the APC party on the 21st February 2021. Fisher said the party should carry on with its activities. He said he has dissolved the current executives of the APC. He said the 21-Man Committee will now take over the Secretariat and this 21-Man Ccommittee, he Fisher gives them 90 days and within that 90 days, the APC party would have got the New National Executives and after that hand over peacefully to the New National Executives, according to the rulings by Justice Fisher.

“My people, just imagine, why should Fisher rule that the chairman of the 21-Man Committee should come from Alfred Peter Conteh’s 9 members. What has the party done to Justice Adrian Fisher? What has Alhaji Osman Yansaneh done to Justice Adrian Fisher for him to pass such rulings? Fisher said the 21-man committee will take over in 14 days, why is it that the current executives would not work at the Secretariat until the new people take over in 14 days elapsed? Fisher is the only one who knows where he read his law. All this is to get on the nerves of the APC, but he will fail because the APC is ready to take up governance come June 24, 2023. Anyhow Fisher twists and turns this matter, APC will take up governance, we want Fisher to know this.

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“Let all the SLPP officials know that the APC party grassroots supporters are in support of the National Secretary General Osman Yansaneh. We are with him 100%. We are in support of the current national executives no matter Fisher’s ruling. For those who are coming to take up the APC Secretariat, let them just come, if they believe themselves, let them just come to the Secretariat. Yes, let them come to the Secretariat. My people this is the judgment that Adrian Fisher passed today for the matter between Peter Conteh and the APC. Mind you, my people, in the struggles of the APC, there is a victory for us. Let’s keep on exercising patience, let’s keep on the peace because the APC is a law-abiding political party. APC is a party that preaches peace in this country. So anything against, the APC will not go into that. We respect peace and democracy. Come June 24, 2023, the APC will take up leadership, thank you members of the APC. Once more, I am the Political Thinker,” his audio concludes.

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