The Political Parties Regulation Commission (PPRC) has signed an agreement with the Paramount Chiefs in Port Loko and Moyamba Districts to grant unhindered access to all political parties in their respective communities.

“This will enable political parties and their candidates to carry out their electoral campaigns and other lawful activities throughout the campaign period,” the PPRC stated.

The Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) informed the public that campaigns would commence on May 17th this year after the end of the petition window.

The PPRC noted that this new agreement was signed in the presence of the Office for National Security (ONS), political party representatives, the media, and the police.

During the signing process, the Paramount Chiefs in attendance pledged to educate their subjects on peace, political tolerance, and partnership with security personnel and Senior District Officers.

“These commitments were made at the beginning of the PPRC’s nationwide engagement with Paramount Chiefs and key stakeholders before the start of campaigns for the 24th June 2023 Presidential and general elections in Sierra Leone,” the Commission stated.

The event also featured discussions among stakeholders, especially chiefdom heads, on their roles during elections, the need to avoid hate speech and awareness of key provisions in the Political Parties Act of 2022.