As Campaign Period for Sierra Leone’s June, 2023 General Elections is announced, the Political Parties Regulation Commission (PPRC) has sent out best wishes to all qualified Political Parties Ahead of the Elections Campaign.

“Pursuant to its constitutional and statutory mandate, the Political Parties Regulation Commission (PPRC) wishes all fourteen Political Parties certified to partake in the June 24th 2023 general election, well and the best of luck in their campaign.”

According to the ECSL’s Campaign Calendar, the period for Elections Campaign is from Tuesday the 23rd May to Thursday, 22nd June, 2023.

The PPRC called the attention of the leadership and general membership of the qualified Parties to the provisions of Section 38 of the Political Parties Act No 25 of 2022 which speaks about conduct of political parties in the course of their campaigns.

The Commission implored all to uphold peace and work in line with laws of the country throughout the campaign period as well as on polling day.

“It is hoped that, we will all work towards ensuring the conduct of free, fair, credible and transparent elections” PPRC stated.

It ended by calling on all to join hands for a better Sierra Leone, by putting Sierra Leone above all else.