The Republican Independent Part[ReNIP] has been endorsed Beresford Victor Williams as Presidential Candidate and Kadija Bangura as the Vice Presidential Candidate in the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL) Presidential Nomination on Saturday 6th May 2023.

The Chief Electoral Commissioner, Mohamed Kenewui Konneh congratulated RENIP for successfully sailing through the ECSL nomination process.

Williams revealed that his party is committed to peace and national cohesion. He justified that Sierra Leoneans should Vote his party because they are trying to come up with an Hybrid Economic System that others Political Parties have failed to take into consideration.

The ECSL said that the process is part of the fulfillment to be met by all political parties cleared to contest the June 2023 elections by the Political Parties Regulation Commission (PPRC).

β€œTo whom this nomination paper relates and to which you have stated that you are qualified and not disqualified for election to the office of president and Vice President respectively of the Republic of Sierra Leone by statutory declaration. I hereby provisionally accept your nomination to contest for the above offices pending any objection to the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone,” Konneh said.

The Presidential Nomination is the legal process by which ECSL screens the candidates recommended by political parties, approves their candidacy, and prints their names on the ballot paper.