In swift response to Chief Minister Dr. David Moinina Sengeh’s challenge, Dr. Richard Konteh, a prominent opposition figure and former Chief of Staff to President Ernest Bai Koroma, conveyed a message centered on national unity, peace, and justice. This exchange occurred during a radio interview on Radio Democracy on Friday, December 15th.

Dr. Sengeh, issuing a direct challenge, urged Dr. Konteh to release a press statement compelling loyal APC members, especially those not currently in prison, to voluntarily return to incarceration. Emphasizing this point, the Chief Minister stated, “I want Dr. Richard Konteh to release a press statement urging all loyal APC members, especially those on the list currently not in prison, to show up and register themselves back to the prison.” He pledged that peace discussions would commence promptly if escaped APC prisoners willingly surrendered, with the judiciary actively involved.

In response, Dr. Konteh strategically chose a different approach. Via Twitter, he emphasized, “We should continue to focus on national unity, peace, and justice. It is very important.” This succinct statement indicates a dedication to broader societal issues rather than directly addressing Dr. Sengeh’s specific challenge.

The distinct responses from these political figures highlight the deep-seated tensions and differing priorities within Sierra Leone’s political landscape. Dr. Sengeh’s call for the return of escaped APC members to prison underscores the intricate political dynamics, while Dr. Konteh’s focus on national unity suggests a broader perspective aimed at fostering harmony and justice.

As the political discourse unfolds, the reactions of key figures like Dr. Konteh and Dr. Sengeh are poised to shape the narrative surrounding the relations between the opposition party and the government in Sierra Leone.