In an exclusive interview with Awoko, Alice Katumu Pyne, the vice-presidential candidate of the Revolutionary United Front (RUFP) party, shared intriguing details about her professional background. 

Alongside her role as a running mate for the RUFP, Pyne disclosed her prior experience as an accomplished administrator and computer expert.

Pyne, a dedicated public servant and mother of five (comprising one son and four daughters, all pursuing higher education), expressed her deep satisfaction with her political journey. She proudly highlighted her previous positions as Secretary General in 2018 and Deputy Chairperson, before assuming the role of running mate for the upcoming 2023 elections.

During her interview, Pyne revealed her educational background, having attended Roselinne Mary Primary School in her hometown of Kailahun. Moreover, she shared her past employment as an administrator for Caritas in Makeni, further showcasing her diverse skill set and commitment to public service.

Looking towards the future, Pyne emphasized her vision for gender equality and empowerment.

If elected and entrusted with political leadership in Sierra Leone, she expressed her strong desire to see a substantial increase in women’s representation, aiming for a remarkable 70% of women holding various positions in governance.

With her extensive experience and dedication to promoting women’s rights, Alice Katumu Pyne continues to make significant strides as she strives for a brighter future for Sierra Leone.