Dr. Samura Kamara, the 2023 presidential candidate and leader of Sierra Leone’s opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party discussed his perspective on the recently reached peace agreement and shared insights into his political ambitions.

In an interview with Politico, Kamara reflected on the historical significance of the dialogue and the subsequent agreement between his party and the government. He emphasized his appreciation for the efforts of mediators and the willingness of both parties to engage in this critical dialogue.

When asked about his contentment with the agreement’s outcome, Dr. Kamara highlighted the importance of ending the political stalemate that had persisted for months after the 2023 elections. He acknowledged the deep divisions between his party, which believed they won the elections, and the ruling SLPP government, which asserted their victory based on announced results.

Dr. Kamara stressed the dialogue’s intent to bridge these differences and improve interpersonal relationships among political leaders and their supporters. He emphasized the need for Sierra Leone to move beyond political rivalries and focus on issues that genuinely benefit the nation.

The interview delved into the reasons behind the agreement and why Dr. Kamara and his party allowed their elected Members of Parliament and Councillors to take up their seats. He mentioned that the mediators were not tasked with determining election winners or losers but were focused on establishing a roadmap for peace among party leadership.

Dr. Kamara acknowledged the criticism the agreement received from some of his party supporters and explained that the dialogue was a “win-win” for both parties and the people of Sierra Leone. He underlined the need to implement the agreement faithfully and discussed the agreement’s provision for a six-month examination of the election results.

When asked about the potential for the agreement to be upheld, Dr. Kamara shifted the focus onto the government, urging them to honor the agreement, release political detainees, and cease intimidation. He stressed the importance of political stability in attracting investors and called on the government to take the lead in ensuring the agreement’s success.

In response to a question about whether his party’s indefinite boycott of governance was the right approach, Dr. Kamara explained that the anger following the election results made it challenging to take any other course of action. He emphasized that the return of Members of Parliament was part of the ongoing dialogue process.

Finally, when asked about his personal presidential ambitions, Dr. Kamara expressed a willingness to leave the decision to divine intervention and God’s will. He emphasized that his political contributions were driven by a desire to serve Sierra Leone and improve the lives of its people.

In conclusion, Dr. Samura Kamara’s interview shed light on the recent peace agreement, his party’s approach to resolving political tensions, and his philosophical perspective on leadership and the future of Sierra Leone. His words indicate a commitment to peace and national development, leaving the door open to potential presidential aspirations in the future.