The Presidential Candidate for the main opposition, All Peoples Congress Party (APC) has explained reasons why he met with President Bio for a peace talk in the United Kingdom instead of Sierra Leone.

As both of them were invited by the Commonwealth Secretary General Baronss Patricia Scotland KC at the Marlborough house in London, the engagement is reported to be built on peace and maintaining it before, during and after the general June 24 elections and that both of them having the larger number of voters in the country may commit themselves to peace at all times.

Making his point in an interview at the BBC on the 9th May, 2023, Samura Kamara stated that, meeting with President Bio in the UK was a developed initiative by the Commonwealth Secretariat where opposition leaders are given the opportunity to have dialogue that are related to development with the Head of state.

“It is an initiative that was developed by the commonwealth’s secretariat, where leaders of the opposition sometimes are given an opportunity to have a dialogue involving development with the head of state” he stated.

He furthered that he is running again for the set of the presidency of the republic of Sierra Leone for the second time and that his desire for the presidency is fully nurtured which is why he believes in victory this time. He thanked his party (APC) for given him the second mandate to run as their presidential candidate for the June 24 election.