Many Sierra Leoneans were left in shock when the All People’s Congress (APC) Presidential Candidate, Dr. Samura Kamara made shocking statements about the Eastern District of Kono.

Kamara said in an address to his supporters in the UK that Kono is not important than Gbonkolenken, Lokomasama or Sanda Tindaren.

“Kono is part of Sierra Leone and people should not have the notion that it is more important than Gbonkolenken, Lokomasama or Sanda Tindaren.

“We are all equal in Sierra Leone,” the APC Presidential Candidate said.

He told his supporters not to fear the repercussion of the decision of Kono residents ahead of the June polls. Kamara added that he has met with some of the stakeholders of the district where he told them to present reliable individual to work with.

Meanwhile he revealed to his supporters that the APC party is holding engagements with the district stakeholders including former Minister, Diana Konomanyi.

“There is a lot to be done for Kono.

“They have diamonds but all these years it was the APC Government of Ernest Bai Koroma that constructed the highway from Makeni to Kono,” he said.

He said the APC hierarchy spoke with heads in the district several times in the past but that they went ahead to form another party.

“Let’s the people of Kono think about Sierra Leone although the founders of the party might have had underlying intentions,” Kamara said.

He said the C4C party has collapsed which he said could mean that a third party in nowadays democracy is of no relevance. He claimed that the fall of the C4C is because it was formed on “tribal sentiment”.

The Presidential Candidate reminisced in the 2018 Parliamentary election when they lost eight out of the nine seats in the District.

“Those that formed the C4C where are they today?” he enquired.

Barely hours after the video surfaced on social media, one of the Party’s Parliamentary Candidates, Isata Felicia Wleh-Philips withdrew her candidature after being nominated by the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL).

Analysts are forecasting that more resignation or cross-carpeting are to be expected in the coming days.

They said with just over a month to election, losing the swing district of Kono could be a big loss for the main opposition party.