Dr. Samura Kamara, 2023 presidential candidate and leader of the All People’s Congress (APC) gave a statement during the opening session of the Post-Election Dialogue between the government and the opposition APC.

The statement highlights key concerns and aspirations of the APC in the current political environment.

Acknowledgment of Facilitators: Dr. Kamara’s statement begins by expressing gratitude to international organizations for their steadfast commitment to democracy, peace, security, development, and global stability, underscoring their crucial role in upholding these fundamental values, both locally and internationally.

Election Concerns: Dr. Kamara’s statement raises a central concern regarding the recent Sierra Leone elections. He contends that the elections were marred by deliberate actions aimed at manipulating the outcome. These actions included instances of violence, intimidation, and the misuse of state institutions, casting doubt on the fairness and integrity of the electoral process.

Historical Context: Dr. Kamara also delves into the historical context of the APC’s peaceful transfer of power to the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) in 2018. However, he highlights the subsequent challenges and harassment faced by the APC, resulting in a shrinking democratic space in the country.

Transparency Issues: The statement highlights concerns about transparency in the electoral process, with Dr. Kamara questioning the Sierra Leone Electoral Commission’s failure to release disaggregated results from all polling stations. This omission has raised suspicions of fraudulent activities and a lack of transparency in the election.

International Observers: The statement notes that both local and international observation missions have expressed concerns about the electoral process. Some diplomatic entities have even suspended development assistance in response, underscoring the international community’s interest in Sierra Leone’s political stability.

Call for Rerun: Given the glaring irregularities and the absence of detailed results, the APC has called for a rerun of the elections and has chosen to boycott governance at all levels in the interim.

Credibility and Transparency: Dr. Kamara emphasizes the importance of transparency to maintain public confidence and cites reports from the EU Observation Mission as evidence of compromised electoral transparency.

Role of Diplomatic Community: Dr. Kamara urges that criticisms from the diplomatic community be viewed as constructive contributions to strengthening democracy in Sierra Leone.

This statement provides a comprehensive response to Sierra Leone’s current political situation, addressing concerns about the electoral process, transparency, and the role of international observers. It underscores the importance of dialogue and reconciliation in resolving electoral disputes and working toward a more stable and democratic Sierra Leone. Dr. Samura Kamara’s call for mutual respect, open listening, and collective efforts to find lasting solutions is a crucial step toward peacefully addressing the ongoing political challenges.

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