Sierra Leone’s veteran comedian Ibrahim Kamara, also known as Sara D Great, delivered a compelling video message urging All People’s Congress (APC) members to adopt the admirable qualities of H.E. Dr. Fatima Maada Bio, Sierra Leone’s First Lady. Sara D Great praised Dr. Fatima for her unwavering loyalty and straightforwardness, depicting her as an unwavering beacon of integrity.

Expressing apprehension about the current state of the APC, Sara D Great attributed the party’s decline to internal discord caused by disloyalty among its members. He highlighted how gossip and destructive conduct were eroding the party’s cohesion and effectiveness. In a direct appeal to APC members, Sara D Great underscored the necessity for loyalty within the party, drawing parallels with Dr. Fatima Bio’s exemplary conduct.

Sara D Great asserted, “APC is facing challenges due to certain individuals lacking loyalty, engaging in self-destructive behavior through gossip and internal conflicts.” He underscored the crucial role of loyalty in a political party’s success, urging APC members to emulate the dedication and steadfastness exhibited by Dr. Fatima Bio.

Continuing his fervent plea, Sara D Great underscored Dr. Fatima Bio’s consistent success, attributing it to her unswerving loyalty. He stressed, “To ensure the success of APC, it is imperative for members to heed and follow Dr. Fatima Bio’s example, as her loyalty remains the key to her continuous success.”

Sara D Great’s encouragement for a shift towards loyalty and unity within the APC resonates as a call for introspection and transformative measures within the party, aiming to cultivate growth and enduring success