As Sierra Leoneans demonstrate willingness to cast their votes tomorrow for Members of Parliament, Local Councils and the Presidency, the Flagbearer of the Republic National Independent Party (ReNIP), Beresford Victor Williams has made a clarion call to supporters of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), All People’s Congress (APC) and other contesting political parties to vote massively for his party so that the country will enjoy the peace its deserves.

He made this call following the high spate of political tension between the oldest political parties resulting to disturbances faced by members of the public whom he said deserve to live peacefully as citizens. “Voting for me means, peace to the nation, there will be zero tolerance on violence and Sierra Leoneans will live in peace and harmony,” he assured the electorates.

He said his Government will make sure that the peace is maintained at all times because without peace, it will be difficult for development to take place.

It could be recalled that ReNIP had contested the 2018 elections as a new political party gaining momentum across the country due to its hybrid economic stance. The party seeks to transform the country, increase the minimum wage to a living wage; considering the economic hardship Sierra Leoneans have faced over the years due to bad governance.

The party’s manifesto speaks to issues citizens have been yearning for such as sustainable energy, social security, free quality medical for ALL among others.

He told this medium that both parties have got the opportunity to change the country from donor driven to one of the most developed countries in the sub region but “greed and selfishness divert the attention of these politicians to corruption,” said ReNIP’s front runner. He has promised that he will fix the economy and provide over a million jobs to keep the youths busy and reduce the high spate of drug abuse amongst our youths. “It is about time Sierra Leoneans make better use of their votes by voting for me and the party on Saturday if they want sustainable free medical, water supply for unreached communities and electricity among other opportunities which the people of Sierra Leone deserve so much,” he emphasized, noting that his manifesto provides all the solutions to turn the country into one of the fastest growing economies.

“Fixing the economy of our beloved country requires hard work that should be devoid of corruption”, he pointed out, adding that with ReNIP, Sierra Leoneans will start saving money as a result of price control and investment in the business sector.

He raised alarm over the minimum wage paid to Sierra Leoneans at the end of the month saying that his party will ensure that the minimum wage is raised to better standard so that the people appreciate hoping that at the end of the month, they will be able to take care of themselves and their families.

Beresford Victor Williams has vehemently joined well-meaning Sierra Leoneans condemning all forms of electoral violence. He urged that youths should not allow ill – motivated people to disrupt the peace the country deserves pointing out that the negative effects of the eleven years war should not be forgotten.
Choosing a dynamic female as Running Mate, according to Mr. Williams, cannot be unconnected to his dream of promoting women and their children.
“Lend Me Your Votes.”