The Sierra Leone’s Embassy in Guinea has refuted a press release and a post by Dr. Sylvia Blyden on the whereabouts of the main opposition Presidential candidate, Dr. Samura Kamara.

On Thursday, Dr. Blyden claimed that the Press Attaché to the Sierra Leone Embassy in Guinea, Umaru Sitta Turay issued a public notice that read that Samura Kamara was using the Guinean airport to travel to the UK.

The Embassy, however, distanced themselves from the message posted by Dr. Blyden.

The Embassy further wishes to make it known that such notice was not originated by the Embassy authorities, and therefore dissociates themselves from the said public notice,” the Embassy notice read.

Meanwhile, Dr. Blyden reacted to the Embassy’s notice on her Facebook page.

If Embassy in Conakry wants to chastise Sitta Turay for his Public Notice, let them do it in-house, get him to retract it and leave me out of their Embassy in-fighting,” she said.

The APC Presidential Candidate, meanwhile, has arrived successfully in the UK.