The Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP) in a public notice dated 13th May 2024 has condemned violent Threats made by Abdul Will Kamara popularly known as Adebayor against Sierra Leone.

According to the notice, Adebayor in an audio broadcasted on Friday 10th May 2024 contained threats to of already planned physical harm to be perpetuated against International Diplomats in Sierra Leone and also threats of violence.

The notice also states that the said audio by Adebayor spewed a lot of hateful, inciting threats against local diplomats and the people of Sierra Leone.

“He stated that he and his cohorts are ready to take punitive violent action using knives and acid as weapons against the diplomats and the people of Sierra Leone. Adebayor and his cohorts have called people to take up arms against anyone, including diplomats, who express any sensible and realistic expectations for national unity, constitutionality, and accountability, and calls for a violent overthrow of the govemment of President Julius Maada Bio”.

It was alleged that Adebayor and his cohorts have shown several times that they possess the potential to bring chaos and anarchy to the nation and undermine hard-won peace.

“Adebayor always makes such inflammatory comments threatening the peace and stability of the country, while his cohorts inside his aligned political arrangements consistently refuse to condemn his destabilizing and vile threats”.

It is stated that this is not the first time the SLPP is condemning Adebayor’s hate speech and violence statements as its stands firmly against any actions or words that promote hate, bigotry, or hostility in the country.

“The SLPP advocates for inclusivity, diversity, and mutual respect. We also expect all Sierra Leoneans to respect foreign diplomats who are our Partners in Development. We firmly believe in the power of dialogue, tolerance, and education to address differences and build bridges for the development of our country”.

The SLPP in its notice called for promotion of inclusivity as it will continue to actively work to create safe spaces where individuals from all backgrounds can express themselves freely without fear of discrimination or harm.

It encourage open dialogue and engagement to foster understanding and peace. Advocating for equality as it will continue to advocate for equal rights and opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their political affiliation, tribe, region, or any other characteristic.

It is also said the SLPP will continue to help educate and raise awareness by giving continued support to the Ministry of Information and Civic Education to educate people about the consequences of hate speech and violence, emphasizing the importance of respect and acceptance.

The notice also called on Dr. Samura Kamara leader of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) and his leadership to publicly condemn Adebayor and distance themselves from his call to violence, especially condemning his proclaimed attack on the people, peace and stability of Sierra Leone.

“It is time for the APC leadership to demonstrate their full commitment to dialogue and national unity by expelling Adebayor and all violent extremists from their party”.

It continued by calling on all diplomatic and development partners to add their voices in the condemnation of hate speech and to also decry all calls to violence in the country.

“Our partners should not harbor those who want to overthrow democracy and bring violence to Sierra Leone. We call on the Dutch government to investigate these threats and see if they contravene their own public safety laws”.

A call was made to the government of Sierra to intensify efforts to inform the foreign country of Netherlands hosting Adebayor that his comments have caused arson and deaths in the county for which he is criminally investigated.

“It is our collective global responsibility to reject hate speech and violence. We urge other well-meaning Sierra Leoneans and organizations to join us in condemning hate speech and violence spewed by an extremist and criminal known as Adebayor, as together, we can make Sierra Leone and the world at large a better place devoid of the voices of hate, extremism, and crimes against humanity”.