The All People’s Congress (APC) Southern Region Campaign Chairman, Momodu Elogima Momodu suffered from head injuries after being attacked by thugs alleged to be from the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) in Rutile.

The Campaign Chairman could be seen with blood dripping from his head with supporters surrounding him.

Supporters of the party in that of the country have blamed thugs belonging to the SLPP responsible for the attack. After the said attack, a black TVS motor cycle was seen at the scene with SLPP inscription on it.

The Secretariat of the APC party is yet to comment on the attack but senior party member, Dr. Richard Konteh said on Sunday that the party’s National Advisory Council (NAC) is dissatisfied with the treatment of some of their supporters in the SLPP strongholds.

Konteh accused SLPP supporters being behind the attacks including one perpetrated against one of their parliamentary candidates in Kenema.

In response to the allegations, the SLPP’s Ambassador Dr. Kapuwa dissociated his party from violence while requesting that the APC report to the police with evidence.

Meanwhile, the Sierra Leone Police Elections Officer, Chief Superintendent Augustine Kamara said that there was not enough evidence in the Kenema matter to warrant an arrest. He cited that the said victim could not identify the attackers.