In a strategic move to appreciate the contributions of various stakeholders towards their Political ambitions , Koinadugu Youngest SLPP Candidates Foday Marah and Steven Gbonor have sent a thank you message to their supporters, the leadership of the Party, and the SLPP National Secretary General.


As they promised to keep increasing the Sierra Leone’s Peoples Party in the District, Below is the Message From Team Win Candidates, Koinadugu District!( Foday Marah popularly known as Classic, Councillor Candidate and Steven Gbongbor Mansaray popularly known as Kaymasilani MP Candidate.
We want to take this opportunity to thank the SLPP Sectional/Zonal executives, Chiefdom, Constituency, Koinadugu District executives, Regional and National Executives, that entrusted us with the SLPP symbol.

“We also want to thank the Team Win family, especially Mr Balla Yirah Conteh our outstanding media head who has captured the minds of many in the media line. Due to his perfect media analysis and presentations, gave him the “media lens” who used to edit some editors!
Thanks to all our supporters in Koinadugu District for building confidence in us and supported us with no fear, especially ward in 157 and ward 159.

Even though, we’re not fortunate to meet the threshold of the PR system and so Allah designed that, but let keep on working together as usual, Allah must see us through the next elections by his grace.
We also want to assure all the supporters that, we will continue our usual duties: contributions towards the development of our District especially Nieni-Kellian chiefdoms!
We will continue the unity and development galla competitions, the support to community road maintenance, paying local taxes for some stakeholders, the organzation of quiz competition, spelling B and prize giving to all the schools in Nieni-Kellian chiefdoms and we intend to extend this opportunity to other chiefdoms in the district, etc.

We also want to assure the Nieni-Kellian chiefdoms that, our CBO named Nieni-Kellian Youths Development Organisation(NKYDO), will also continue to advocate for “Masilani Vocational Training Centres” established in Sumbaria and Alikalia to have more learning materials for our young people to be empowered (especially the school dropout).

Since, it is an attempt to complement the effort of His Excellence President Julius Maada Bio’s “Human Capital Development” as part of the BIG 5 of His second term flagship program, the government of Sierra Leone must pay attentions to our cries, as our people need this opportunity most.
We want to send special thanks to our brother Minister Umaru Napoleon Koroma, the national secretary general of the Sierra Leone People’s Party(SLPP), now the deputy minister of Mines for motivating us as young politicians. His personal assistance towards our dreams: academic and political affairs, will never be forgotten.

We also want to send special thanks to Koinadugu District SLPP Chairman Mr Foday M. Kuriasy(Masanty), your courageous words always on our minds, Constituency 046 Chairman Mr Bangalie Turay, Nieni chiefdom PC Candidate Mr FM Koroma (popularly known as Sembu Foday) you people will never be forgotten and another bulldozer from Tonkolili District, that is Honourable PC Musa Bendugu. You are one in a million to us and your efforts is our strength.
We are very sorry as we can’t able to mention everyone in this write up but I want you to know your efforts towards our movements are highly noted.
Lastly, we promise to keep increasing SLPP supporters in this part of the country.
Once again!
Thank you all!
Long Live SLPP!
Long Live Supporters!
Long Live Our Sweet Home, Sierra Leone! 

Team Win is a political interest group, formed by young people in Koinadugu District in the struggle for SLPP symbols (Member Parliament and Local Council).

Team Win fortunate to have 2 youngest candidates(Steven Gbongbor Mansaray commonly called Kaymasilani MP CANDIDATE and Foday Marah commonly called Classic, Councillor Candidates). Both are young people within the age of 25 to 29. Both of them are performing Artistes, very popular in the north especially Koinadugu and Falaba Districts!