A leaked audio recording allegedly featuring Hon. Sorieba Alhaji Turay, a sitting lawmaker for Constituency 051 in Tane Chiefdom and fondly known as Hon. Tamemkor, has sparked significant concern and controversy in Sierra Leone.

The nearly three-minute recording presents Hon. Tamemkor directing a series of threats and verbal hostility toward Ishmael Jalloh, an APC regional executive member in the Northeast region. The audio includes menacing promises of physical harm, even extending to derogatory remarks about Jalloh’s parents, and threats of severe consequences, including death, should Jalloh persist in criticizing him or the APC members of Parliament.

Hon. Tamemkor expressed, “You lack the privilege to address me and persist in intimidating others as though your father single-handedly birthed the APC party. Your disregard for your elders is evident. I was already fighting for the APC party when you were not yet born. Upon my arrival in Magburoka town, I will confront you and ensure your disappearance. If you’re unaware of who I am, I’ll make certain you become well-acquainted with my capabilities. I will overpower you.

The language and tone used by Hon. Tamemkor in the recording are distressing, indicating a serious departure from expected standards of conduct for a legislator when addressing internal issues or disagreements within the party.

Specifically, the audio captures Hon. Tamemkor’s heated reaction to Jalloh’s assertions regarding the ambition of APC members to secure parliamentary positions. The threatening language and use of abusive terms have raised concerns about the behavior and professionalism of elected officials within the party, leading to discussions about how lawmakers handle disputes and conflicts.

The public revelation of this confrontational exchange has not only raised concerns but has also instigated debates among constituents, citizens, and party members regarding the conduct expected from their elected representatives.

The APC party and its leadership are now tasked with addressing this incident, ensuring that the conduct of their representatives aligns with the ethical and respectful behavior anticipated in a democratic society.

As events unfold, the responses and actions taken by the party and other relevant authorities in reaction to Hon. Tamemkor’s alleged threatening behavior will undoubtedly be closely monitored and assessed by both the public and party members.

Listen to the audio below: