In a surprising turn of events, renowned female politician, Dr Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, has publicly mocked popular political Commentator Adebayor after an unsuccessful planned demonstration in most parts of Sierra Leone.

Known for his popular slogan “CLASS STAND!!!”, Adebayor had rallied supporters with the promise of a powerful demonstration. However, it seems that the anticipated show of strength did not materialize as expected.

Sylvia Blyden took to her social media page to mock the popular political commentator by stating, “We are NOT standing up again.” wherein she means that the people are no longer following instructions from Adebayor.

In a further remark, Dr. Blyden made reference to former president Ernest Bai Koroma, expressing her belief that he had withdrawn his political support from Adebayor. In her words, “Last Week, I told EBK’s Dog that EBK had withdrawn his political support,”. Blyden believes that Adebayor is a phenomenon created by former President Koroma.

In Sierra Leone, there have been recent protests resulting in casualties among both civilians and police. These demonstrations were reportedly organized by an organization called People Power in Politics (PPP), led by Adebayor.