In a recent interview with Africa Young Voices Television (AYV), Jesmed Suma, the Chairman and Leader of the National Grand Coalition (NGC), voiced his frustration with the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), stating that if it were up to him alone, they would take the SLPP to court for failing to respect the terms of their alliance.

Suma explained that he could not take legal action without a mandate from other party members, but he emphasized his disappointment in the lack of adherence to the alliance’s terms.

Suma highlighted that despite their grievances, the NGC has not officially withdrawn from the alliance with the SLPP. He wished Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, who left the NGC, well in his new endeavors, but affirmed that the NGC, as a party, remains committed to its principles and will not merely serve as a diplomatic mission apologizing for government mistakes.

Suma expressed his concerns about the state of rights and governance in Sierra Leone, stating that individuals often have to beg for their rights rather than demand them. He criticized the expectation that those involved in the government must blindly support its actions and defend it, emphasizing his commitment to maintaining his integrity.

Regarding the current status of the alliance with the SLPP, Suma mentioned that a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting would be called soon to address the matter. Many people have claimed that the alliance is no longer viable, especially after Yumkella’s departure, and Suma acknowledged the push for the NGC to officially declare its withdrawal.

Suma further stated that the NGC would continue to raise concerns where needed and applaud the government for its positive actions. They would closely monitor issues related to energy, climate, and food security, especially since their former leader is now involved in these areas. Suma stressed the importance of conducting cost-benefit analyses to evaluate government expenditures, such as in the education sector, to ensure accountability.

Suma also addressed taxation issues, noting that an overburdened business sector hampers economic growth. Looking to the future, he outlined the NGC’s plans to transform from a diplomatic mission into a formidable political party within the next 1 to 2 years, aiming to shape the political landscape of Sierra Leone.

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