Sierra Leoneans are gearing up for the upcoming general elections slated for June 24, 2023. However, with just 39 days left until the big day, major political parties are yet to release their manifestos, causing some voters to worry about making informed decisions at the ballot box. Ambien

Traditionally, manifestos are released well in advance of elections in most democracies, allowing voters to carefully evaluate the platforms and policies of each party before casting their vote. However, this delay in releasing manifestos in Sierra Leone is robbing voters of the crucial time and opportunity needed to make informed decisions.

It remains unclear why there is a delay in releasing manifestos, and this has left many wondering if political parties have run out of innovative ideas or are taking voters for granted.

Whatever the cause, it is an egregious disservice to voters and denies them the vital information required to make informed decisions about the future leadership of the country.

Basita Michael, an attorney at law, has called on political parties to act swiftly and release their manifestos without further delay.

According to her doing so will give voters the necessary time and information to make a sound and well-considered choice when they head to the polls.

“Thirty-nine days left until the general elections, and still no sign of manifestos from the major political parties. This unfortunate situation is robbing some voters of the crucial time and opportunity needed to make informed decisions at the ballot box,” she stated.

In addition to the pressing matter of manifestos, Michael has urged voters to ask critical questions about each party’s top priorities, experience, competence, and track record.

She has reminded voters that manifestos only represent a fraction of the picture, and the true test of a party’s integrity lies in how they govern once in power.

“As voters, it is our responsibility to hold parties accountable for their promises and raise our voices if we find their actions falling short of expectations. Together, we can shape the future we desire for our nation,” Michael noted.