My late father, until his death, used to warn me not to take hasty decisions when I am happy or when I am angry. What he was trying to say is the best time to make a decision is when you’re at peace with yourself.

With barely two weeks to the June 24 multi-tier elections, some members of the public are advocating for the postponement of the elections based on the reason that ECSL has still not produce the Data/ Voter Register prior to the elections.

Depending on who you speak to across the divide, you’re certain to have different answers and opinions at different times.

For simple argument sake, let’s say the elections are postponed to whatever date, who stands to benefit or lose between SLPP and the others? At whose peril or detriment will that postponement be?

Here are some of the following perilous ramifications for those who are advocating for a postponement of the elections to take home;

  1. It means More Time for President Bio
  2. There’s no longer a Parliament to provide any check or excesses of Ministries, Departments and Agencies
  3. The President shall govern by Executive Orders and whatever decision he takes is final
  4. All elections paraphernalia that have been acquired would be scrapped and new ones purchased with tax payers` hard earned monies
  5. There’s likely going to be constitutional crisis because such decisions have hardly been taken in our country.

The list goes on and on, therefore, common sense should prevail over sentiment and political party loyalty.

They say, All Those Who Forget To Remember The Past Are Bound To Repeat It!

Let us all remember the 11-year senseless civil war that sent our country 30 years backwards when hundreds of people were killed and amputated, while properties worth hundreds of millions of dollars were destroyed.

Having said that, my question would therefore be; who stands to benefit more if the June 24 elections were to be postponed.