The youngest members of Parliament, Hon. Sia Habiama Tommy, has been sworn in as Member of Parliament today July 13 at the the age of 28.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of Sierra Leonean politics, a new and inspiring leader has emerged in Kono District Constituency 024, capturing the hearts and minds of many, Hon. Sia Mahawa Habiama Tommy, at the tender age of 28, has become the youngest Member of Parliament ever in Sierra Leone and among the youngest in West Africa, representing the hopes and aspirations of a new generation.
The remarkable political journey to Parliament of Sia Mahawa Habiama Tommy commenced after the Sierra Leoneโ€™s Peopleโ€™s Party secures 7 Parliamentary seats in Kono.
She has been described by many as a trailblazer who defies age barriers and proves that youth can make a significant impact in the realm of leadership. She is a devoted and proud Muslim who not only practices her Deen but also dedicates her time to volunteering within the Muslim community