The Mayor Elect of Freetown, Yvonne Aki-Sawyer, expresses her gratitude to Freetonians for voting her in as the mayor of Freetown.

In a video she shared on her social media platforms she started by saying thanks to all those that voted for her and the All People’s Party. She said her thanks for the confidence and support that the people showed in voting for her overwhelmingly.

She said she known it was not easy on Election Day with some centers not opened until 10, 11:00 am and some opened going to 12 noon, whereas other centers did not open at all. She made reference to Susan’s bay where she said had 7 stations but only 3 were opened. She said there are other examples, but she admired the courage that people used to come out in their numbers to vote for her overwhelmingly. She said that she knows that the numbers that the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL) released were different from the RRF forms that they have and that the difference doesn’t just happen with the Mayor but also with the Presidential and the honorable all over the country.

She continued that it was that difference that had been a concern for their party because the vote of the people is a right and, in a democracy, not only will they make sure that people vote but what was counted must match the results released after the elections.

Because of that, she said, they have doubts and that the APC Party has told every elected candidate to sit down for now because the party has requested from ECSL the disaggregated data by polling stations which have been given to them in subsequent elections. She said in the past elections, when the results were filled from the RRF forms, it showed on a projector but this time it was not done like that and what was published by ECSL did not match with what they have in their RRF forms. She said she wanted people to know that she is happy to be their Mayor but she will sit down and look forward to serving the people of Freetown when the right thing has been done.

Please find video below: