Many times, we wonder why we can’t seem to make our relationship works no matter how hard we try. We sometimes ask ourselves where we went wrong and how can it be so difficult to maintain a relationship. This is because we tend to forget the little mistakes we do and constantly engage in the agents of relationship destruction. Below are some of these agents I have put together for you to learn from. I hope this helps you.


Lies is the greatest agent that destroys relationships. Some people lie on a daily basis for no good reason. Some even their pictures on social media are fake. They may think that its ok to just lie and get away with things they don’t want their partners to know about, but it’s not ok. Eventually that person is going to find out about it, and when they do, they will lose trust in you, which is bad because trust means everything in a relationship. So, avoid telling lies to your partner, if you do you will see the difference.


Many Sierras Leoneans, especially the men engage in cheating. There is one thing about cheating, when you have fixed your gaze on another person who is not your partner, you lose interest in your partner. You will no longer feel attracted to them and you will become tired of them because you have engaged in something that is sinful so the devil will make you see your partner in the worst way ever. Stay away from cheating.

High Expectations

Most times the women look for wealth and looks; they want someone that is rich and handsome. They don’t want to build relationship with someone that is struggling even though they may have a vision, they want someone that has it all forgetting that they are competing with over 500 women who have the same expectations. So, stop having too much expectations, am not saying you should not want rich and handsome men but don’t let it be a must; that its either them or no one else. Build relationship with someone that has a vision, help him grow with you by his side for somebody that is poor today can be rich tomorrow.


Pornographic videos destroy relationship. When you are used to watching porn videos you get agitated when your partner does not do it exactly the same way it is done in the porn. You now compare your partner to a porn star forgetting that it is not something they are doing willingly but because they are paid for it, so they are doing it for the money. Lower your gaze from pornographic materials and you will save your relationship from breakdown.

Unsatisfied sexual intercourse

Unsatisfied sexual intercourse causes emotional imbalance which leads to emotional scapegoating. When sexual intercourse is not done in a proper way it affects the thinking. Men in nature are goal oriented; they just want to score, whiles women are experienced oriented they care so much about the details. Therefore, men with short nature should engage in thorough foreplay before intercourse in order to satisfy your partner.


Suspicion is bad it causes lots of damages in relationship building. This is common amongst Sierra Leonean women. They suspect their husbands when speaking on the phone, even when the husband is quiet, they will suspect him of thinking about another woman, when in actuality he might be thinking about his unfulfilled plans. Avoid suspicion. Sometimes, it is also the change of behavior in men that causes the women to suspect them. Maybe they way they behave in answering their calls and all that. Do not give the cause for your wife to suspect you.

Bad friends

Some friends are evil. They always give bad advices to you because they want you to be single like them. Now you might want to mute those friends. Maintain relationship with friends that advice you to be a better person. Some times you may want to go home early from work to your wife but bad colleagues will stop you and say ‘wait ba how u dae fraid u uman so, na u married am or naim married u’. they will ask you to join them in their chilling. Most times that enjoyment ends the joy in your marriage.