Every man wants a woman, who they can call their own and at the same time, not be a liability to them. In fact, men hates it when the woman they love turns out to be a huge liability to them. That’s why its wise for a lady to make sure she achieves some certain things or goals in life before she takes the bold step to settle down or get married to any man.

Just like a man who is pressured to work hard so that he can be able to take care of his wife and children in the future, a lady should also feel the pressure as well. A good woman should never go into marriage empty handed, that is even one of the major reasons for the high rate of divorce these days.

Failed marriages are caused by a lot of different factors, and one of them includes the fact that a lady depends too much on her husband. This is very wrong, before a lady decides to get married, there must be some certain and important things which she must have achieved before she finally marry a man.

See them below;

1. A good job.

A wise woman should never be jobless and totally dependent on her husband. This could lead to divorce or separation.

2. Good cooking skills.

The fastest way to a man’s heart is definitely through his stomach and no woman should take this for granted. Do not get married without first learning how to cook extremely delicious meals.

3. Decent Money in your bank account

A woman must have Some decent money in her bank account in order not to encounter difficulties in times of emergency or when her husband is broke, so that she can be able to assist him.

4. A good relationship with your in laws

Any woman who is longing to get married or settle down with a man should make sure that she has already developed a very good relationship with her in laws to avoid stories that touches the heart.

5. An Education Qualification

Yes, this one is very important to men, but more important to women. An illiterate woman is most likely going to be insulted by her husband and in-laws for not having a good academic background.

6. Good Home economics skills like Ironing, washing, etc.

Home economics is a subject that teaches people how to run and manage a home. And as a lady who is looking forward to getting married, you need to be very experienced at home economics and management skills. So that your husband won’t need to hire a maid or house girl.

7. A life plan

Every lady must have a life plan of goals and dreams she wishes to achieve over the years. A lady without a plan would be a liability to her husband.

8. A banging body

No man wants to have an amoeba shaped woman as a wife, even though most of them don’t say it. That’s the basic truth. Before you get married as a lady, make sure you put your body in good shape. Flat tummy, big hips, nice curves and a nice scent. All that can be achieved through exercise. So try.

9. Good bedroom and love making skills.

This one is actually one of the most important one. A lady who wants to get married should make sure she has mastered some necessary bedroom skills in order not to bore her husband into the arms of another woman