Relationships can be very interesting when the individuals involved understanding each other very well. When you as a man knows what your lady likes and expects from you, it makes your relationship interesting

In this article, I will be stressing out those things your lady expects from you while playing with her.

Playing with your lady is one of the things you do in a relationship that doesn’t require money, and it’s an opportunity to have fun and spend time with her. If you’re not the type that plays with your lady, you need to start.

Ladies can be very secretive, that explains why your lady won’t tell you those things she expects from you while playing with her, she would want you to observe and study her, to find out those things yourself.

But in this article, I will be showing you those things. You may still need to study your lady though because ladies differ from each other, and so does their expectations and wants.

Caress Her Shoulders

This is one of the ways that ladies get rid of stress, and when you’re playing with your lady, it’s one of the things that she expects from you. She expects you to help her massage her shoulders till she gets rid of some stress and gets back some energy.

If you don’t do this before now, it’s something that you need to start doing, as it’s among those things that ladies like and except from you while playing with her.

Play Around Her Back

Caressing her back is another thing that your lady expects from you while playing with her. The main reason for this is because it tickles her. Their back is very sensitive to touch, so when you caress her back, it gives her that tickling feeling that is also very pleasurable.

Caress Her Feet

You should have tried this at least once if you do play with your lady because it’s something that ladies enjoy, and most times they even say it themselves. It’s also a way they get rid of stress, and try to feel relaxed.