Women are complex beings and very emotional too. While we have some very vibrant and engaging ladies when it comes to issues of sexuality, there are a lot probably more than 70 percent of girls and ladies who feel shy or uncomfortable when discussing sexual matter or matters of intimacy.

A shy girl might be overly beautiful but shy and may not be able to express her needs for intimacy to you and sometimes this may lead to her feeling sad, depressed and withdrawn.

Today I would be sharing some tips on places she wants to be touched but feels shy telling you about them.

Her waist

A woman’s waist is one of the most delicate and intricate part of her feminine structure that she guard jealously. When a lady truly loves you, she wants to be held by the waist. Although some ladies, particularly younger ones may feel shy about this possible due to religion basis or one other reason. But nevertheless you should still hold her there, dance along with her if you can too.

Her Chest Area

When a lady wants to become intimate with you, she would expose little or a bit cleavage so you can get the green light and move forward with her. But some guys are clueless to this, others think it’s just a lady’s thing, well no. I’m not advocating for inappropriateness in touching your partner, but when the see the green light blinking so bright, go for it.

Her Hair

The hair is by far a Woman’s Beauty point followed after the face. Always try and touch your lady’s hair, cuddle it. It shows you care about a part of her. Ladies take a lot of time doing and making their hairs so it would be nice if you would complement on them and get a feel off it.

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