Robbie Lyle, the avuncular face and founder of Arsenal fan media platform AFTV, has in a video promised to visit Sierra Leone Soon.

Robbie said he was supposed to have visited earlier, but due to covid outbreak he was unable to make the visit

Robbie also promised that hopefully, he will visit Sierra Leone with the premiere league trophy

The popular Arsenal Fan TV Robbie Lyle has a YouTube channel and website directed at supporters of Arsenal F.C. Based in London, England

AFTV alone has 1.45m subscribers on YouTube, where its videos of supporters discussing the Premier League team’s fortunes have racked up well over 1bn views. That has helped Lyle’s Global Fan Network to beat traditional broadcasters to brand the partnerships with the likes of fashion retailer Boohooman

The former surveyor and one-time reggae artist was inspired to take up DIY broadcasting by the popularity of boxing-related YouTube channel iFL TV, run by a friend and fellow Arsenal fan, and was motivated by a perceived disconnect between television studios and the terraces.

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