Week one of the 2022/2023 Sierra Leone Premier League season amazingly perplexed fans and supporters of major league teams who narrowly escaped to secure draw before the referee could called the games off.

Newly promoted teams came ever ready and determined to play and possibly win the league championship. Bo Rangers who had a clash last week Friday with Real Republicans, a newly promoted team to the premier league was an instance of how underrated teams are determined in the league.

With the season just starting, week one recorded 19 goals in total. Kamboi Eagles, Mighty Blackpool, Wusum Stars, FC Johansen Bai Bureh Warriors and Real Republicans and their counterparts survived with a draw at their first appearances in the league. This left East End Lions (The Killers) with a confortable win against Lamboi FC at Lungi; Central Parade and Diamond Stars secured 3 points from their opponents.

Week two recorded 18 goals and has some shakeups in the league table. With both matches won since week one, East End Lions FC still sits at the 1st position on the league table with 6 clean points.

Despite their brilliant performances in their first match, Central Parade couldn’t afford to lose but secure a point against Lamboi Eagles FC at a 2:2 draw. The newly promoted Real Republicans FC struggled against FC Johansen to secure a point but the experience team could not afford to lose to a new comer as they bagged 3 points and sits 6th on the league table with 4 points.

Bai Bureh Warriors from Port Loko secured a 2:2 draw with FC Kallon  last week. Both teams prefer a point to gain that lose all together as they draw with their opponents in week two. This leaves both team with two points each and sit at 8th and 9th position respectively.

The defending champions, Bo Rangers after a narrow escape from the hands of the new comer, Real Republicans and a fruitful table talk discussion, secured a win against Old Edwardians FC.

Lamboi FC from Lungi are yet to come to form as they observed the league season. They have lost their first two matches but still optimistic as the season just stars. Presently Lamboi FC sits 18th on table and Freetown City FC 17th position after losing both their matches.

Week three will be yet another week of amendments to be made. Coaches and management will definitely go to their drawing table and device new techniques and come back strategies to maintain the 1st position on the table or force down.

Week Three Match Fixtures below:

THURSDAY 22 Dec. 2022

Might Blackpool Vs Real Republicans- Parade Ground 4:15pm

FRIDAY 23 Dec. 2022

FC Johansen Vs FC Kallon- Parade Ground 4:15pm

Diamond Stars Vs Old Edwardians FC- Kono Field 4:15pm

Kamboi Eagles Vs East End Lions – Kenema Field- 4:15pm

Wusum Stars Vs Ports Authority – Makeni Stadium 4:15pm

SATURDAY 24 Dec. 2022

Bai Bureh Warriors vs Central Parade – Portloko Field 4:15pm

Lamboi Vs Freetown City FC – Lungi Field 4:15pm

East End Tigers Vs Freetonians SLIFA – Magburuka Field 4:15pm

SUNDAY 25 Dec. 2022

Bo Rangers Vs Luawa – Bo Stadium 4:15pm