The Sierra Leone Women’s Premier League has undoubtedly been more intense than anticipated when the League kick-off few months back. Week 9 like the previous weeks was filled with surprises as the teams battle who stays ahead of the other.ย 

Tracing back from the kick-off date to date, a total of six goals were scored overall in week one. Matilda Vivian Kabba recorded her name on the history books being the first player to score a goal in the league, and FC Kallon Female winger Marie B. Konteh leading the goal tally with two goals.

Who stays in the first position of the table has been the most difficult task to maintain. We have seen teams leading the table for a week and drops down one or two positions down the table as the league continues to be intense.

In the week 1 of the League, FC Kallon female became the first to register highest goals during the week and that earned them the position. As determined as they could be, FC Kallon female kept on leading the position until they were kicked off the position by Kahunla Queens who were later dropped down by Mogbwemo Queens.

In the 7th Week 27th November 2022, a total of 17 goals were registered during the weekend. Mogbwemo Queens clashed with Mena Queens but the match was not in favour of the Mena queens as they were thrashed 2:0 which gave Mogbwemo Queens more edge to maintaining the first league position.

On the other hand, Ram K FC locked horns with Albitaya queens and ended in 1:0 win in favour of Ram KC. Since the start of the league, Ram K and Mogbwemo Queens remain unbeatable in the Sierra Leone Women’s Premier League 2022.

The match between Sierra Leone Police and FC Kallon female was anticipated as the derby match of the week. Sierra Leone Police FC hosted the FC Kallon female and didn’t disappoint the fans a the match ended 1:0 victory in favour of Sierra Leone Police FC. This victory earned the team 5th position ahead Patricia Humu FC but below Mena Queens who were brutalized by Mogbwemo Queens at the Wusum field Makeni.