I want to draw the attention of the Sierra Leone Premier League Board over how our referees are officiating our matches. one can not deny the fact that the referee’s decision is final, but how some of these decisions are reached is raising the eyebrows.

Here is a trimmed video clip of the match between LAMBOI FC v FREETOWN CITY FC on Saturday 24th December at the Lungi Central Field, the video clip shows a clear penalty that happened in front of the referee but he chooses not to give it because reasons best known to him, for me not to be subjective, I watched the clip over and over just to disagree with my subjective lens and agree with the objective lens of the referee but honestly, posterity will judge me from swaying away from the reality, the contact was vivid, it was right in front of the ref, it was in the 18-yard box, all indications were there to award the penalty but the team was rubbed off from its first glory right in front of its supporters and their home.

Lamboi Fc is a young team that is still unearthing a formidable squad, the management is doing all it could to ensure the boys have a level playground but the question that has been on the lips of the fans is “if the playing ground is level”.

It was clearly seen in this match that the ref that officiated this match had his agenda, I agree nobody wants to be a loser at 90 minutes of play but bad officiating can orchestrate violence, which I believe is one of the many reasons referees are being beaten by the supporters. Many teams are suffering from this act of bad officiating, and young or small teams have little to do about it.

Lamboi FC is a peaceful club and we will remain peaceful at all times, I’m therefore calling on stakeholders’ concern to help shape the referee association. There is more to their integrity that they must protect.