As he Departs For Bo Rangers, Striker Alhassan Noble Daramy Pens Down Farewell Note to Old Edwardians FC

I would like to take this moment to greet you all. With a heavy heart, it saddens me that I have to part ways with the Club that I grew up supporting, a club that is not only dear to my heart but my family’s as well.

As I look back, I can only reflect on the wonderful memories made and I will forever cherish them. The family environment at the club, the friendships and brotherhood created between myself and my then team mates mean a lot to me and I hope this does not get thrown away because of my departure. As I head to Bo Rangers, I will carry with the me the teachings of humility, oneness, team spirit and everything that I learned while at the club as I continue to shape myself to being the best athlete on and off the field.

I am happy to have received your blessings as we part ways. I trust that those remaining at the club will carry the club’s badge with pride and joy as I will also do so at my new home.

Thank you for the support and for the wonderful memories. This is not goodbye as we will meet not as team mates but as opponents.

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