Bo Rangers Football Manger Babadi Kamara Reveals Sad News About Sierra Leone Football

The  Chairman of  Bo Rangers Football Club, Babadi Kamara has expressed his opinion on the status of Sierra Leone  Football. The Leone Stars Manager  believes Sierra Leone as a whole is not ready to move football beyond it present level.

Kamara stated that We may all agree that yes it is the FA that is charged with the responsibility to run football but they alone can’t do it without the inclusion of every aspect of our society. He confirmed that there are teams struggling in the Sierra Leone Premeir league which clearly shows how unprepared they are and how they still see football as a game for drop out.
Kambui Eagles
Diamond Stars
Wusum Stars
Bai Bureh Warriors
Bo Rangers
The Leone Stars Manger believes that the above  teams  are not supposed to be struggling when you consider their ownership.
He believes that these teams are suffering because our society is not cohesive and people are only interested in what benefit them and their families and not society as a whole.

He further pointed out that these teams listed above should be budgeted for on annual basis by their respective institutions that owns them.

”With a police and military forces with more than 10,000 personnel each, a Le.5,000 deduction from source by the accountant general for each officer and deposited straight in to the clubs account will give them a minimum of Le.50,000,000 each on monthly basis. This will the little gate takings will be more than enough to run these clubs.
Wusum Stars, Bo Rangers, Kambui Eagles, BBW should all be budgeted for at district level. Stakeholders from each districts should also be encourage to help their districts teams.” he affirmed.

Kamara asked a Passionate question that Why would Old Edwardians be struggling when the have so many alumnus in high places of work?

He concludes that other teams like FC Kallon, Blackpool, SLIFA, CP and the rest should be supported by private sectors. There are several banks both locally own and foreign own. These institutions should be encouraged and challenged to take certain clubs. Mobile companies and other private institutions should be helping.
If our league can get support from these institutions and district trust we will have a strong and competitive league.
Look for instance

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