The Southern Arena, a remarkable achievement by businessman and philanthropist Babadi Kamara, is set to have its grand opening on Sunday, May 21st 2023.

The esteemed occasion will be graced by the presence of President Bio, adding a touch of prestige to the event.

Anticipated with great enthusiasm, the inauguration is expected to draw football stakeholders and passionate fans from Sierra Leone and beyond, captivating the entire region with its allure.

Kamara’s exceptional efforts towards development have garnered widespread acclaim, earning him well-deserved praise.

The Southern Arena Stadium will host 6,000 Spectators after completion. The lead financier of this project is Bo Rangers club chairman Babadi Kamara who is also the sole owner of the stadium

Babadi Kamara, who is also Team Manager of Leones Stars, the national team, and Chairman of Bo Rangers Football Club said the motive behind the construction of the stadium is “to contribute to societal development, develop new players and improve on existing young football stars in the country and to explore their potentials”.

He added that development should not only be left in the hands of the central Government and urged individual businesses and private sector players to complement efforts by the Government in nation-building.