Mohamed Mansaray, who is commonly called Blacker has analyzed the Leone Stars versus Equatorial Guinea that ended with 1 goal to nil against Sierra Leone at the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) Cameroon.

Blacker gave reasons why Sierra Leone didn’t make qualify for the next stage of the tournament and called on Sierra Leoneans not to blame any of the footballers including Kei Kamara that missed the penalty.

According to Blacker, the players that played for Equatorial Guinea are senior footballers in the European Leagues like Premier League, La Liga and other leagues. He pleaded to Sierra Leoneans not to blame Kei Kamara for failing to score the penalty. “So, let us don’t blame Kei Kamara.” He pleaded.

Blacker explained how they made it to the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON). “It was Kei Kamara who took us to AFCON through penalty. So, if Kei Kamara miss the penalty, who is Kei Kamara that should not miss penalty?” He asked. He mentioned names of top footballers that have missed penalty. Drogba have missed penalty, Messi and Ronaldo also miss penalty.” He stated.

Blacker told Sierra Leoneans not to put the blame on Kei Kamara. According to him, it was the coach that did not select the team properly. “Is not Kei Kamara that made us not to qualify. We should blame the coach for not selecting the team properly.”

When asked if Kei Kamara was qualified to play. Blacker responded that, if it’s an European (white) football, Kei Kamara shouldn’t have played.

The moderator also asked Blacker what he will say when Adebayor said Kei Kamara should not play. Blacker responded that Adebayor and him are seeing the same place and Kei is not fit for the match just like what Adebayor said. “Kei Kamara is not fit for the match. It was Kei Kamara who qualified us to AFCON through penalty, if God took us from the tournament again through penalty, we should clap for the team.”

What about the jersey they wore during the match? Moderator asked. “It is not the jersey that play but the heart of the players. The players should have one heart and should be die hearted.” He replied.

They said the team has bad heart? Moderator asked. Blacker stated that Sierra Leone has bad heart than all the countries. “Who missed the penalty?” Blacker asked. He continues saying that Kei Kamara has more saying than Coach Keister. He analyzed why he has more saying than Coach Keister.

Kei Kamara is a veteran who has left football way back.

He refused to mention the remaining and congratulated Kei Kamara. He concluded that Kei Kamara took them to that level and brought them back. They should congratulate and motivate him. The moderator commented that Kei shouldn’t have brought them back, Blacker defended that, he didn’t plan to bring them back.