BO Rangers FC showcased their prowess at the SLFA Academy Field Kingtom as they defeated host Mighty Blackpool at the SLFA Playing field in Freetown.

The visitors displayed exceptional skills and determination throughout the game.

The match saw Bo Ranger’s winger Bockarie Lamin netted a crucial goal that secured the win for the Elephants.

His clinical finish and overall performance on the field earned him the well-deserved man of the match award for his outstanding performance on the field. Lamin’s contribution was crucial in securing the important victory for Bo Rangers FC, showcasing his skill and determination as a key player for the team.

His leadership and dribbling skills were instrumental in guiding Bo Rangers FC to another significant victory in their league campaign.

With this result, Bo Rangers continues to make strides in the Sierra Leone Premier League, solidifying their position as a competitive force to be reckoned with. Their dedication and teamwork were on full display, delighting their fans and supporters with another impressive performance on away turf.